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We are a diverse team of designers, builders and researchers who work together within the refurbished spaces of a 19th C brick warehouse that house our studio and workshop in New Haven’s 9th Square.


We understand our work to be the creation and repair of buildings and landscapes. We acknowledge our role as stewards of both natural resources and human capacity. Through a diverse array of projects, working with a range of clients and collaborators, we aim to strengthen and nurture urban and rural communities and the landscapes they inhabit, while celebrating the individual human experiences that form and enrich them. JIG Design Build is our fabrication and construction subsidiary at GOA. JIG’s technical staff and fabrication facilities play an integral role in our design process, informing our professional architectural services and supplementing and supporting the work of the builders and consultants with whom we collaborate. “Built by JIG” means beautiful detail and fine workmanship and is the mark of exceptional buildings, structures, furniture, and other constructed elements that we build ourselves at GOA.

Team in the Shop
Chilling on the terrace


Our designers, architects, builders, and researchers are passionate and joyful in their work, rigorous and reliable in their collaborations, and committed to the principles of social equity and environmental preservation that guide our practice. We strive to make our studio and fabrication workshop a convivial and respectful environment as well as a beautiful and inspiring space in which to dream and invent.

Lisa Gray Drafting
Pop Up Studio
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Lisa Gray

Lisa Gray, FAIA

Principal & Partner

Alan Organschi Portrait

Alan Organschi

Principal & Partner

Karen Scott, AIA, WELL AP

Karen Scott, AIA, WELL AP

Design Director

Parker Lee

Parker Lee

Design Director

Dan Kazer Portrait

Dan Kazer

Design Director

Andy Ruff headshot

Andy Ruff

Design Director

Andrew Padrons headshot

Andrew Padron

Senior Associate

Jack Wolfe headshot

Jack Wolfe

Senior Associate

Joshua Kuhr headshot

Joshua Kuhr

Senior Associate

Ben Smith

Senior Associate

Ellen Kebabian headshot

Ellen Kebabian

Interior Design Associate

Lisa Knust

Lisa Knust

Design Associate

Casey Gaipa

Design Associate

Ben Grayson headshot

Ben Grayson

Design Associate

Seth Lauderdale headshot

Seth Lauderdale, AIA

Design Associate

Anjiang Xu

Research Coordinator

Noah Silvestry headshot

Noah Silvestry


Oswaldo Chinchilla

Digital Fabrication Specialist

Sakina Jehaludi headshot

Sakina Jehaludi


Endie Jaynes headshot

Endie Jaynes

Office Manager

Oscar Scott


Joe Weisbord

Joe Weisbord

Special Projects


35 Crown Street
New Haven
CT 06510
[T] 203 777 7794


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